Looking forward to harvest.

Part of farm life is planting seeds that will take many months to grow to a crop. This requires patience and a fair dab of faith. Every year when we plant the crop we wonder if we will get a harvest. Will the weather be against us? Will the blight ruin the potatoes? Will the harvest fail from drought? But this year, we’re acutely aware of how fortunate we are. Still able to get outside, still able to keep on working, keep on planting. We’ve successfully got this year’s potatoes in the ground, beginning the growing process for when we can reopen and welcome our customers back in September. Where will we all be by then? What will the next few months have put us through? Well, not that we’re superstitious, but we might have found a little hope in the planting process this year and we’d like to share that with you. Smithy turned up an old thrown horse shoe as he went. It landed on the top of a row and he had to take a picture. We’ve left it in the field to give us a bit of extra help. With a leap of imagination we reckon it could have been from the days when the land was ploughed and planted with horses. (Oh come on, take that leap with us!)

Our pumpkin seeds have also been started off and this is always an exciting crop to grow. We look forward to October a great deal and this year we’ve taken on your advice and planted a greater range of edible pumpkins as well as carving ones. We’re looking forward to offering an increased range of produce in the shop later this year. Customers have approved of the organic eggs we’ve been stocking, so they’ll be back too, along with an increasing range of vegetables. April is a hectic time on the farm in general. The gorund has finally dried up after a winter of being unable to get on it with any of the kit and there are fields to be rolled, rides to be mowed, fences repaired and that’s without all the planting. It’s good to be busy though, taking our minds off the frustrations of lockdown. If you’re struggling with the limitations of life, take strength. Have patience and faith that things will come good and try not to worry about what you can’t control. We’re looking forward to seeing all our customers again later this year and hearing how you’ve all fared.